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RED LINE INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a leading Powder Coating Machines, Powder Coating Guns and Powder Coating Equipments Machine Manufacturer and Exporter. A renowned name in the field of Powder Coating Application Machine & Machines Equipments. RED LINE today has established for itself an enviable reputation in the powder coating industry for high standards in the quality and technology of the powder coating machines and powder coating guns made as well as superior performance levels of all powder coating systems designed and supplied. RED LINE has, through sheer commitment to the powder coater, set benchmark standards in providing technical support after sales of the equipment and systems. We serve our Powder Coating Application Equipment Machines & Guns customers across the globe from USA and Canada in the West through countries in Europe like UK, Netherlands, Germany, Norway through Asia to Far East Asia like Japan, Malaysia and Singapore and Australia and New Zealand.

Red Line offers an industrial range of powder coating machines and powder coating guns. These Powder Coating Machines and Powder Coating Guns are based on time-tested technology, built tough for use in harsh Indian shop-floor conditions to produce high quality results consistently and uniformly. RED LINE has an adequate product development facility for Powder Coating Machine and Powder Coating Gun  that effectively responds to the ever-changing needs of the powder coater be it in Powder Coating Machines or Powder Coating Guns. Trendsetter and market-leaders like - 200 Series 100 kV Electrostatic Powder Coating Machines. These Powder Coating Machine is designed and built for round the clock use under harsh operating conditions.

Our Range of Powder Coating Machines

The Red Line Powder Coating Machine NC202 is designed to be the work-horse of every powder paint shop. Simple to use, easy to maintain. And perfect results, every time. Comes with a powder hopper with a capacity to hold 10kgs of powder at a time.

The Red Line Powder Coating Machine NC301D is a unique powder coating machine. Based on the same time-tested technology, this machine offers one powder coating gun with 2 functions. Within minutes, this can be converted into a Cup-gun for short runs or sampling and in as few minutes be converted back to Production mode. This machine comes with a 15-kg capacity powder hopper.

The Red Line Powder Coating Machine PC202 is a combination powder coating machine. It incorporates a powder sieving system. This ensures that contamination is removed from the powder before it is charged and sprayed from the gun. The PC202 goes a long way in providing high quality finishes.

The Red Line Powder Coating Machine NC202/2 has two electrostatic powder guns with individual set of controls, both drawing powder from a common 20-kg capacity hopper. This machine is usually required by powder coating lines needing “back-to-back” coating in the same booth.

Our Range of Portable Powder Coating Guns

World leaders in the powder coating guns and powder cup-gun technology, Red Line Powder Coating Gun offers to unbeatable powder coating cup-gun models. The Red Line EZ Series powder cup-guns work using state-of-art technology and engineering. The only powder coating cup-gun system in the world which has no bulky control panel (or suitcase or briefcase), no messy cables and powder hose, no powder hopper, All the required controls are incorporated in the powder coating gun itself. You can control the charging voltage from 100% right down to 20% of the rated voltage as required for coating multiple overcoats. Powder flow can be adjusted from a fine whisper to a thick cloud depending on coating requirements.

The Red Line Powder Coating Guns EZ Series powder cup-gun uses the ForceFeed Technology to push powder through the gun to the nozzle for a smooth and controlled powder flow for high quality coating results.

EZ Series powder coating cup-guns come in two models:
EZ50 Powder Coating Gun: The EZ50 charges powder up to 50kV. This gun is ideal for start-ups and small coaters. This model is extremely popular in the DIY circuit in many countries. And, of course, professional coaters who do jobs not too frequently.
EZ100J Powder Coating Guns: The EZ100J Powder Coating Gun is a high performance 100kV powder cup-gun used by a wide spectrum of powder coaters - from industrial powder coaters (for touch ups and sampling) to powder coatings manufacturers in their labs to start-up powder coaters and discerning DIY powder coaters.

Red Line has very tight quality control protocols in place - right from raw materials and components that come in to in process testing to final testing and checking before packing. This is one of the reasons why Red Line powder coating machines, powder coating guns and powder coating equipment is considered almost service-free and easy to maintain.

Red Line Powder Coating Guns and Powder Coating Machines have been and are today being exported to more than 50 countries all across the globe from USA and Canada in the West, thru countries in Europe and Middle East Asia, South and South East Asia, Japan and to Australia and New Zealand in the East.

RED LINE Powder Coating Equipments and Powder Coating Systems are today meeting the requirements of powder coaters - small and large - from EZ Series powder guns for single DIY/Hobby coater to 200 and 300 Series industrial production machines and batch systems for small and large coaters single equipments to conveyorised installations with the required degree of automation.

A must-have for every professional powder coater, the RED LINE NC301D - the high performance 100 kV powder coating machine with unbeatable features at a truly affordable price.

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